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Diezoil (Pty) Ltd is registered with G-Pay Solutions which will enable all of our customers with a guaranteed peace of mind payment solutions platform!

G-Pay Solutions Summary

Web (Cloud) Solutions
Each unique customer requirement dictates the configuration of the solution or combination of solutions to meet the customer unique needs. G-PAY Web offers Integrated Procurement (Ordering) to Payment Solutions, Capital or Fund Management Solutions and Transactional Processing Solutions that the client may utilise to improve its control over vendors, contractors and suppliers and mitigate risk inherent to exposure to such services.

Integrated Procurement (Ordering) to Payment Solution

Integrated Procurement (Ordering) to Payment Solutions refers to solutions that are configured for parties whom wish to trade in specific products, commodities or services and whom wish to have the payments for such goods or services guaranteed.

The solution offers a configurable web-based ordering (procurement) system which allows for the management of products and services, discounts, fees and commissions and several other functionality configurations. In the same web-based ordering system, the solution offers a fully integrated with the banks, automated settlement solution which will execute the settlement as per the actions taken on the procurement (ordering) process to conclude the configured procurement to payment process.

The solution offers the unique ability to VERIFY FUNDS, RESERVE FUNDS, LOCK FUNDS and GUARANTEE PAYMENTS.
Through this solution we will offer the client the ability to have complete visibility with the required controls configured to the client processes to employ the governance required by the client on its Suppliers, Contractors and Vendors.

Capital /Fund Management Solution

Capital / Fund Management Solutions are categorized in two solution offerings as Analysis models and Managed models. The Analysis Model suggests the take on of Entities where the G-PAY system is configured and deployed to perform a continued ANALYSIS of the Entity Account, the Entity performance and utilization of funds.
From this configuration and deployment, the managing entity will have the ability to monitor and analyze the detail of transactions processed through the specified bank accounts for Entities that have been linked for purposes of the analysis in the G-PAY system. The solution offers monitoring and analysis tools such as Transaction Mapping, Dashboard Views, Exception Reports, Alerts and Notifications to be defined in conjunction with the managing entity.

The Managed Model requires the take on of Entities where the G-PAY system is configured and deployed to achieve a MANAGED Solution for the managing Entities to achieve the required control and utilization of funds awarded to the Entities. While applying the controls to achieve the managed solution, the functionality of the analysis of the first model will also be available to the managed model to provide Dashboard Views, Exception Reports, Alerts and Notifications of the managed projects. The managed solution will also include the ability to apply and enforce the Approval of Beneficiaries, Approval of Suppliers, Approved Products, Order of Payment and several other functionality controls as may be dictated by the managing entity.

The solution also offers the ability to convert Analysis model clients to Managed model clients or vice versa should this be required by the managing entity.
In the case of Enterprise Supply Development (ESD) model or any other model where the client or any other party provides funding to the client, this solution we will offer the client the ability to have complete Control and Management over the utilisation of such funds.

Transactional Processing Solution

Transactional Processing Solutions are designed to offer our customers a unique experience through our ability to automate and offer unique electronic notifications for payments, cash deposits and other transactional services. Electronic Notifications – refers to the ability to provide automated notifications of any payments or deposits received into an account.

Chargeback of Cash Deposit Fees – This refers to the ability to offer customers a preferential cash deposit fee which will be processed as a chargeback value to the entity depositing the cash as supposed to the account to which the cash is deposited. Automated “Clearing or Sweeping” of accounts based on predefined rules. Associated herewith is end of period file summaries with details of cleared funds. This service can also be expanded to clear to multiple accounts based on predefined rules.

Electronic “Wallet” management. This offers multiple “wallets” within a single transactional account offering the ability to customers to manage own funds (cash deposited or EFT with the Entity) to effect purchases to the selling/vendor entity. This functionality can be applied as open loop functionality allowing the customer to pay funds to any beneficiary or as a closed loop solution ensuring that the deposited funds are utilized against the selling/vendor entity only.

Through our existing integrations with the banks we offer the ability to manage deposited funds or to report on such funds as may be required by the managing entity. Our Cloud technology solutions offer centralized access to information although processing can be done on a decentralized basis. The managing entity therefore has “near” real-time access and views of the transactional processing solutions and processes in a centralized solution offering. Through this solution we will offer the client the ability to automate several processes, add controls and mitigate risk by reducing human intervention. This solution when configured in conjunction with the Procurement to Payment solution is guaranteed to provide the client with even greater benefits and controls.

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